Constans silver roman coin found in Devon

Check out the absolute stunner of a roman silver coin. This was found at our recent Crockernwell dig by DCDD group member Nick Gilchrist.

History of Constans I

Flavius Julius Constans (c. 323 – 350), sometimes called Constans I, was Roman emperor from 337 to 350. He held the imperial rank of caesar from 333, and was the youngest son of Constantine the Great.

Roman coin fact…

Early Roman coinage consisted of 3 monetary systems

These are the ‘Aes Signatum’ which were bronze ingots weighing 1500g, the ‘Romano-Campanian’ made of silver and bronze, and ‘Aes Grave’ which were cast bronze disks. The Romano-Companion coinage was characterized by limited irregularly struck bronze and silver. The coins were mainly produced in towns under Roman control, and their designs would be specific to each town. They were identified as ‘Roman’ on their reverse ROMA legend. Interestingly, the style of striking was copied from Greek cities. The Aes Signatum and Aes Grave were cast in Rome.


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