Silver, Tackle and Wet feet!

Time to go detecting….

I’ve been looking for another sand scoop for a long time. At the beginning of this week, a local group member offered one for sale. I bought the scoop with the intention of using it immediately. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach and give the Evolution scoop, which is reputed to be particularly wonderful, a try.

After loading the Evolution scoop and the XP Deus 2 metal detector into the day van, I made the decision to leave Helston and travel down to Longrock beach to try it out.

I’m not a huge fan of this beach because it tends to produce a lot of trash and attract a lot of visitors and dog walkers. Upon arrival to the beach car park i got stuck waiting for a train to pass arriving back into Penzance station.

The beach…

Today was a magnificent, dry day, but the wind was really strong and made it tough to walk against. Nevertheless, Polo and I ventured out in the hopes of finding some jewellery and coins. Let’s explore what may be lurking in all this sand.

In front of Longrock beach carpark looking towards the mount at low tide

Here we go…

Our first indication was a beautiful silver earring with the 925 hallmark; I’m not sure of their precise date, but I don’t think they’re that ancient. What a start to the day.

Unfortunately, my luck did not last. I had a few fishing leads, someone’s beard bead or ear stretcher, and a bizarre looking threaded brass thing and that was it.

Obviously i had to get a cheeky picture of todays finds on one of our club finds mats. These are available to purchase in our store, please click here to buy one 🙂

Disaster strikes!

I decided to return to the van after another hour or two of walking with no additional indications. I had to cross a small stream on the way back, and disaster struck! My wellington boot had leaked and my sock had been soaked! No idea how this happened, time for a new pair.

A hole in my wellington boot


Good day, love the silver find, The Deus 2 and scoop performed perfectly! Shame my wellies didn’t perform as well 🤣


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